Hydrovac Services

Hydrovac Services • Vac Trucks

BME has the largest and most comprehensive range of hydro vac truck sizes and configurations in the market. Our fleet can assist with the removal of water, oil, sludge, hazardous waste, and many other vital applications. If it is fluid and you need it removed, we can handle it.



Pipeline and utility exposures
Trenching and slot trenching
Non-destructive, in-ground locate

BME Combo Vac Truck


Sump cleaning
Plant maintenance (i.e. slurry trays, walls, pipes)
Spill cleanup


Large-volume camp waste fluid hauling and disposal
Large-volume plant waste fluid disposal
Sludge removal from plant operations
Transport to Alberta hazardous waste management facilities 


Waste and raw water removal and disposal
Sewage handling and disposal
Removal of standing water
Waste oil removal
Drill Rig Support